Mark Andrew Powell/Eligius.

Mark Powell is an Artist/Craftsman specialising in Silversmithing and decorative metal processes

I am the last in a long line of silversmiths and craftsmen from a Birmingham so I was brought up learning historically traditional and the current methods of the industry. However I chose to apply this craft experience to a more experimental approach allied with a contemporary artistic and technical practise. I am quite happy applying the processes of CAD/CAM alongside the teachings’ of Theophilus. I studied at Birmingham and Dundee Art Colleges before setting up a studio Edinburgh in 1984.

His work imply fragmented memories, where intellectual and sensual narrative are expressed and explored through the many possibilities created from a personal manipulation of the Metalwork technique, sometimes to quite extreme levels of physical control of the process.

Currently this narrative is being expressed in a figurative form following the works of “the Midland School”, Hogarth, Gilroy, Blake and more recently Giles.